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Clarity Photocopier Servicing Sheffield


Photocopier Sales
As a leading distributor since 1977, Clarity has the independence to be carefully selective in its choice of network-ready products for the integrated office, thereby enabling the client to achieve an overall imaging and printing solution.

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Onsite Servicing
Once you give your acceptance a senior Photocopier Servicing Sheffield engineer will be designated to ensure that the pre installation matters such as I.T and Logistics are addressed.

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Repairs and Spares
All our engineers have a car stock and carry major photocopier parts, however should a requirement occur outside of this stock then our head office premises house all spare parts, toners and consumable items that can be sent out in double quick time to complete any outstanding jobs.

Photocopier Servicing Sheffield


Request Toner
The new Multi-Functional Devices (MFDs) have embedded software that self-reports and orders consumables and toner when required. Upon installation, customer reorder levels are evaluated which means the reorder system for both toner and parts will be automated. In the event, a customer requires more toner because of a high volume period they can contact us for extra supplies which in turn will reduce any downtime.

Photocopier Servicing Sheffield


Service Request
The machines have intelligent alerts which inform us when periodic services are required, however, should you need an emergency call out simply contact us by phone or email and we will respond to you within four working hours.

Photocopier Servicing Sheffield


Submit a Meter Reading
All devices have the facility to self-report so in busy time we don’t need to contact you for meter readings as they are updated on a daily basis, this in turn reduces incorrect readings and the need for additional credit notes.

Photocopier Servicing Sheffield