Our business

As a leading Copier Leasing Sheffield distributor since 1977, Clarity has the independence to be carefully selective in its choice of network-ready products for the integrated office, thereby enabling the client to achieve an overall imaging and printing solution.
Product selection is an essential part of our marketing strategy, maintaining consistency for selecting brand leader products that are recognised throughout the world.
Clarity Copiers is an authorised supplier and service agent for Sharp Electronics UK Ltd and has been credited with the title of Sharp Centre of Excellence; this is the highest award that a dealer can achieve. We also Supply products from Samsung Ricoh Oki and Panasonic and other leading brands.

Our business partnership with Sharp has been in place for 40 years, and each of our sales specialists has to continually keep up to date with the latest market changes with both finance and product specification, so if you have a requirement specific to a make or model or term of contract we have a working solution that can be tailored to your needs.

Historically many companies have entered into financial arrangements where they either have the wrong equipment or incorrect term, another problem area is all inclusive deals that never seemingly expire, or they are renewed without the customer’s knowledge. These type of contracts over time can cost organisations tens of thousands of pounds but can be avoided with the correct research and fact finding. At Clarity, we have funds available and can often release you from these unwanted contracts. By completing a full audit and giving you an actual TCO =Total Cost of Ownership proposal, this helps you to realise your actual print needs and print and copy volumes that can often save you 30-40%.

Some of the areas we pay close attention to in our audit are devices that are not cost effective to run. We can achieve savings by removing this unwanted equipment, offering a lower rate of finance & running costs, and in some cases advise you on how to contest ambiguous and restrictive contracts.

Our unique approach provides the strength of proven manufacturers that provide a reliable and innovative solution that best meets your requirements. We will combine our expertise and technology and create a solution that will help your company be more productive which will consequently lower your running costs.

There are many ways to acquire an MFP Device such as an outright purchase or easier payment methods that free up company’s cash flow such as leasing or short term renting, so please contact us so we can provide you with a flexible financial package to meet your budgeting criteria.