Ten Keyboard Shortcuts Useful For Multifunction Printing

Now is the time to test your keyboard shortcut skills. Whether you are a PC or a Mac, Clarity Copiers Photocopiers Sheffield has created a small selection of shortcuts that you should master to improve multi-function printer and photocopier usage.

1. To lock your computer faster than lightning

You're late for a meeting or - worse - for a dental appointment. This shortcut lets you lock your PC or put your Mac to sleep in an instant.

On Mac :  ⌘  + Alt + Eject

On PC : Windows + L


2. To reopen an accidentally closed tab

You've just closed a valuable tab? Do not panic. No need to go through your history, reopen the tabs (but also the windows) recently closed in a snap of fingers.

On Mac : ⌘ + Z if you use Safari; ⌘ + Shift + T for Chrome

On PC : Ctrl + Shift + T


3. To close a tab at a glance

Does your manager come in and say you're not really working?

On Mac : ⌘  + W to close the active tab

On PC : Ctrl + W to close the active tab


4. To close a window at a glance

Your manager arrives and you are definitely booking your next vacation?

On Mac : ⌘  + Shift + W to close the active window

On PC : Ctrl + Shift + W to close the active window


5. To juggle between open applications

Do you spend your time reducing and expanding the windows of your applications?

On Mac :  ⌘  + Tab

On PC : Alt + Tab


6. To juggle between tabs

Super simple and super practical, this shortcut is great to show off your speedy fingers in front of your colleagues.

On Mac and PC : Ctrl + Tab


7. To go directly from one tab to another

Small variant of the previous shortcut but equally effective.

On Mac : ⌘  + 1 to go to the 1st tab; ⌘  + 2 to go to the 2nd tab, etc.

On PC : Ctrl + 1 to go 1st tab; Ctrl + 2 to go to the 2nd tab, and so on.


8. To access the URL of the active tab

Little known and yet very useful, this shortcut makes it possible to select the URL of the tab opened in your browser.

On Mac : ⌘  + L

On PC : Alt + D


9. To send the URL of the active tab by email

This feature is even less known and yet so practical. Too bad it is only available on Mac.

On Mac : ⌘  + Shift + i


10. To make a screenshot, then print.

Let's finish with a small reminder on the screen impressions, extremely simple on Windows but a little more obscure when starting on Mac.

On Mac : ⌘  + Shift + 3 for a total screen capture; ⌘  + Shift + 4 to selectively capture the screen.

On PC : "Print Screen" key for total screen capture; Alt + "Print Screen" for selective screen capture.

 Ten Keyboard Shortcuts Useful For Multifunction Printing - Photocopiers Sheffield

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