European Workers Call Digital Development Key To Bridging Productivity Gap

European workers say they want to use innovative digital technology and solutions to boost productivity, according to a study by Ricoh Europe. 65% of the 3600 employees surveyed believe that automated technology will allow them to be more productive; while 52% confirm that artificial intelligence will have a positive impact on their work. | Clarity Copiers Photocopiers Sheffield


Digital Development Is Key To Increasing Productivity

E-mails (41%) and meetings (37%), even before transport (29%), were identified as the main factors in the daily loss of time. However, 98% believe in the potential of new technology to enable them to work smarter. This includes faster access to data (44%), the opportunity to work at home more often (42%), and reduced repetitive tasks (41%).

Javier Diez-Aguirre, Vice President, Corporate Marketing, Ricoh Europe, explains: "What employees are saying reflects the macroeconomic productivity concerns of governments around the world. Too much work time is lost due to tasks and processes that could be automated or streamlined. By saving time, technology allows employees to work smarter and focus on what brings value to their business."

Workers fear that a lack of investment in technology will cause problems for companies in the future. 36% believe that if no investment is made, their business will go bankrupt within the next 5 years. In addition, 46% believe that their competitors already have a technological advantage.

The study also reveals that employees feel disillusioned with the motivations of their leaders. 72% believe that the branch will introduce new technology only if it reduces costs; regardless of the fact that it can allow them to evolve.

Diez-Aguirre adds: "Business leaders should adopt a long-term global vision of the costs of their key processes. Reducing investment can in effect free up short-term capital, but the benefits of better productivity will guarantee excellent results in the years to come."


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