Which Tool To Choose To Store Your Data In The Cloud

Cloud Computing refers to the use of remote servers to process or store information. In particular, the Cloud allows you to save files via the Internet on a server. This questions that this article seeks to illuminate upon is: Which tool should I choose? And.. What are the benefits and risks of backing up your data in the Cloud? Read on to find out everything! | Clarity Copiers Photocopiers Sheffield


What Is The Cloud?

The Cloud allows you to store data online and access it safely. The data is thus available via any medium, one can start to work from their computer and then continue on a tablet or mobile. It is free for everyone to choose where and when to work as documents are accessible at all times thanks to this system of online storage.

There are many tools for storing data online but which one to choose? Clarity Copiers Photocopiers Sheffield has made a small selection for you to see more clearly.

Some tools for storing data in the Cloud

Dropbox is the historical major player of the sector. It is easy to use, multiplatform (Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry) and saves space thanks to a system of sponsorship. Important note, Dropbox offers only 2GB in its free offer.

Box is convenient because there is nothing to install and it integrates the tools of Zoho, an alternative to Pack Office. On the occasion of the launch of its new iOS version, Box now offers 50GB of free space, for life, for any download of the application via the App Store.

OneDrive is easy to use, it integrates the Office suite and also allows you to go back to an unedited version of a document stored online (convenient!). The service offers Windows Smartphone users 20GB free space for one year. This is great but there is a certain slowness to upload and download documents.

hubiC offers 25GB of free space, is quasi-multiplatform (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 8) and stores your data in a confidential way. Second important note, hubiC does not allow you to edit files offline.

SugarSync is cross-platform (Mac, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Symbian), it automatically synchronises some folders and offers the possibility of gaining space. Only negative point, the account is automatically deleted after 90-days of inactivity on the platform.

Google Drive integrates the Office suite and is probably one of the most advanced services for viewing and editing files. It allows you to consult all kinds of files such as .ai (Adobe Illustrator) and even .psd (Photoshop) files and has an impressive upload and download speed.


The advantages of storing data in the Cloud

The Cloud is extremely convenient, it allows you to store everything online and therefore to have access to documents at any time and from any medium. It saves time and improves productivity.

The Cloud also makes it possible to work in a collaborative way: no need to send an e-mail to the whole team as soon as a document is modified because the documents are shared and an online backup is automatically carried out after each modification.

The risks of storing data in the Cloud

As mentioned above, it is important to make sure that your cloud tool keeps your confidential data safe and does not communicate identifying details (such as passwords, address etc.) to other users or you may have serious security problems.

There is also the risk of viruses attacking the services themselves. Dropbox, which suffered a serious bug on its servers a few months ago, meant that you were unable to access data for a whole weekend. Rest assured these bugs are rare and in the case of Dropbox, everything has come back in order since!


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