Business Discovery – The Coworking Space Manager

Spaces of coworking, Fablabs, incubators, living labs ... are beyond a fashion in the professional world. Even large companies have adopted "corpoworking". And with these new practices, new trades appear. In this article, we will be looking at a new profession that of a "Coworking Space Manager". | Clarity Copiers - Photocopier Leasing Sheffield


The co-working space manager: an entrepreneur

Coworking space managers are not only the custodians of the places, as one might think. They are both responsible for the functioning and the management of the workspace, but also deal with the business aspects. They manage the commercialisation of the spaces, the providers but also the partnerships around them as well as the collective life. Like business leaders!

The manager animates the community. They connect ideas and people, coordinates or organizes events, and ensures communication with entrepreneurs and organizations. In short, they create synergies and encourage exchanges between its members. In addition to this, they may even go further, by having collaborative practices emerge within the space.


Introducing Delphine and Alex, coworking space managers

Business Discovery - The Coworking Space Manager. Photocopier Leasing Sheffield

What is coworking for you?

For me, coworking is a bit like a roommate. People who rent offices in the same space but look for more than the division of rent. They are there to live an experience together and enjoy the various common areas together, and why not do business together.


How do you perceive your profession?

Alex: I perceive myself rather as a concierge of modern times. We began by supervising the works of the upstream space, then the marketing, and now we manage the maintenance, and especially the coordination. It is the heart of our business, to bring people together and create synergies between our occupants.

Delphine: I like to say that I am the captain of the centre, I have to manage the human side with the residents, but also the commercial, administrative, as well as the running space. I run a very (very) versatile craft!

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Besides that, there is a great deal of creativity and animation. In general, they take the form of breakfasts or aperitifs. My role is to create synergies, to make people know each other. In Trudaine we are lucky to have quite a lot of common spaces, especially the outdoor space, so we bought company gardens to make a small contest for example. Besides that, with Alexis, we put in place activities that make the centre live during the day, such as dance classes, micro siestas, yoga, sports ... In short, make sure that our space is more than a place of work: a place of life.


What qualities do you need to be a space manager?

Delphine: Three main qualities: being optimistic, sociable, and knowing how to prioritize. Sociable, we quickly understand why! In terms of prioritising, it is important. Indeed, for each, their problem is the priority. But when you have 350 people on site you have to know how to make choices! Finally, a prime quality is to be reactive. You have to know how to switch from one activity to another without problems and with speed.

Alex: For me, you have to be versatile, endearing, adaptable. Especially very versatile. We must be able to react at all times and adapt to all situations. We are led to do many different things. No day is alike, and that is what is interesting in our profession.


What do you like about your job?

Delphine: Everything! I like the varied side, the human side, the side "common sense" ... It allows me to meet people of different universes, various skills, to speak, quite simply. After I say that also because I come from a job where I was on my computer and I was doing excel all day!

Alex: Versatility. We never get bored. But also the freedom on how to manage my work, to choose the projects that one wants to mount, and how one wants to manage our space. Like business leaders!

What I really liked recently is to help devise a community video project that has been mounted with several space boxes like SuperFlims, where a lot of companies are involved.


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