Sharp Ready To Reinvent Itself At ISE 2017

Sharp Photocopiers Sheffield | ISE 2017 (for Integrated Systems Europe), which begins today, will be the first opportunity for Sharp to publicly disclose the benefits of its recent partnership with Foxconn and to introduce its new product lines. The brand line-up includes six new product categories, including a new dynamic display solution, a Sharp open architecture platform, and an Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) module developed in collaboration with Intel.

Among the new features announced by Sharp at the show include a screen designed for 70-inch screen walls - making it the widest available on the market - an interactive screen for small meetings and a new range of interactive displays incorporating direct link technology for optimal reactivity. On its booth, Sharp will also be presenting a prototype sequential screen (FSD) for Field Sequential Display, a technology still under development in the brand's laboratories.

Sharp Ready To Reinvent Itself At ISE - Sharp Photocopiers Sheffield

"To be considered a major player in the market, Sharp has to gain market share and offer a broad range of products, both varied and consistent," said Sid Stanley, General Manager of the Visual Solutions division at Within Sharp Europe. "This is why we are investing in both large-scale markets such as dynamic signage, as well as developing technologies such as image walls and interactive screens for a small committee. Our partnership with Foxconn gives us a new strike force and allows us to position ourselves in more markets and to embody a credible alternative for resellers and integrators looking for a partner.


Interactive screens

At ISE 2017, more than half of the Sharp stand will be dedicated to interactive displays designed for meeting rooms and classrooms. Visitors will be able to discover the all-new BIG PAD 70 inches and 80 inches (PN-70SC5 and PN-80SC5), including direct link technology for optimal tactile reactivity. Among the other features offered by these new screens are extensive support for organising a presentation and innovative collaborative and interactive tools.

Sharp Ready To Reinvent Itself At ISE - Sharp Photocopiers Sheffield

Sharp will also be launching a new line of 40-inch BIG PAD screens for ISC 2017, designed for small or informal meetings. The PN-40TC1's screen incorporates a new capacitive touch recognition technology and has the same interactivity features as the larger models, facilitating collaboration and sharing of ideas in small group work.

All BIG PAD screens guarantee a user experience "Pen on paper": writing on an interactive screen is now as fluid and natural as writing on paper. Sharp strives to ensure that technology is no longer an obstacle but a real added value to facilitate collaborative work.


Dynamic Display

Sharp is redesigning its range of dynamic displays, offering new solutions (hardware and software), and forging many partnerships to develop third-party applications.

Among the new screens marketed by Sharp are the high-brightness ranges PN-R and PN-U; to be utilised in showcases and public spaces. In addition to this, Sharp is also exhibiting the PN-Y range, which includes a video player, and The PN-Q range, which offers large screens (60 to 90 inches) at a lower cost, suitable for multiple applications; from meetings to commercial spaces.

Sharp Ready To Reinvent Itself At ISE - Sharp Photocopiers Sheffield

Regarding new software, Sharp now offers its own display solution, free and integrated by default on the SoC (System on Chip) of the new screens of the brand. In addition, Sharp has launched an Android platform for software vendors. The Sharp "Open Architecture Platform" ecosystem combines Sharp's expertise concerning hardware, and a SoC integrated Android environment and the choice of a proprietary media player or third-party application for dynamic display. Sharp has already announced partnerships with Citymeo, Grassfish, Videro and easyscreen.

The three new Sharp display ranges offer new connectivity capabilities to provide more flexibility for users, including ShCad Sharp embedded SoC (capable of broadcasting 4K content) or USB media player, or New OPS connectivity to extend the number of user applications.


The Wall of Images

Sharp is launching the largest wall screen available on the market to meet growing demand. The PN-V701 combines exclusive UV2A technology with Sharp's new colour calibration feature (Advanced UCCT for Uniform Colour Calibration Technology) to ensure outstanding image quality across the entire wall and minimum separations between screens.


Revolutionary technologies

On its stand, Sharp will unveil a new 17-inch semi-transparent screen with sequential frames. This prototype was developed in Japan to be used for multiple applications, from dynamic display to entertainment. This energy-saving screen is very different from anything that can be bought today on the market since it uses a very high-frequency sequential RGBW colouring system.

Sharp Ready To Reinvent Itself At ISE - Sharp Photocopiers Sheffield

Sharp continuously develops and tests new technologies, and sequential frames are just one example of the innovations that the R & D department is currently working.


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