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Large, small, rural or urban: coworking spaces are gaining in popularity throughout Europe. Virgin - and most notably Sir Richard Branson himself - has sought to develop the working environment to operate in synergy with modern thinking on employment. But just how do we define a coworking space? A coworking space does not just offer a shared workplace. It gives its members the opportunity to integrate a community of co-workers with whom to create partnerships, generate synergies, germinate new ideas, stimulate your activity ... And much more. | Clarity Copiers Sharp Photocopiers Sheffield

Want to start your adventure by creating your own coworking? In this article, we have outlined the essential tips to get you started on the adventure of coworking spaces.


A unique place

With the exponential growth in the number of coworking spaces, it is essential to choose a space that will set you apart from the competition. For this, everything is allowed: from the artist's studio to the industrial loft through the church or the barn, the watchword is originality. For example, in Montreal - Canada, you will find a space housed in an old artist's studio. And starting around 18th arrondissement of Paris, Draft will open the doors of a place full of charm, the Halle Pajol.

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Besides the architecture of your space, you will also have to think well about the location. In particular, it is important to take into account the accessibility criteria as well as the types of activities identified in the neighbourhood (is it a neighbourhood of artists, digital actors, business?).


A dynamic community

Creating your co-worker's community is the key to the success of your space! The more your network of co-workers is developed, the more you will attract other members who will see in your space as an opportunity to find new customers, partners, financing ... To create your community more easily, you have the possibility to give a theme to your space (publishing, digital, art, cooking ...).

You can choose to attract startups from B2B like Uptobiz, which offers a dedicated acceleration program. Les Grands Voisins offers primarily to workers with limited resources or in search of employment. Would you rather offer a space for artists or publishers? Follow the traces of "Here Montreuil, a space designed for creators and craftsmen. Obviously, there is no need to target a sector of activity, certain spaces attract precisely the mix of co-workers who are then certain to not compete with each other and benefit from their complementarities.

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Additional services - Sharp Photocopiers Sheffield

Provide your members with a full range of services: internet access, printers, cafeteria, mail reception, direct debit, meeting rooms, napping rooms, sports classes ... Even access to 3D printers! Your co-workers must not lack anything; including access to a range of Sharp Photocopiers Sheffield. In addition to this, some areas offer support and advice on the development of their activities.


A regular animation

Animate your space to promote exchanges between your coworkers and thus strengthen the community spirit. Creating a coworking space means thinking about its upstream potential: social networks, newsletters and blogs will be your allies in this process! But that's not all, plan physical meetings by organizing breakfasts, aperitifs or entrepreneurial encounters. To enable you to regularly host events you can count on the LiNK coworking space management tool, which functions as a social network specific to your space.


A common management to anticipate

Creating and managing your coworking space is not improvised overnight! You will need to manage contracts and invoices, handle day-to-day management, procurement, organize access to meeting rooms, the Internet, and printers ...  To ensure that everything goes well and the rules are clearly known to all, display a clear set of regulations for effective co-working life in the space.


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