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European Workers Call Digital Development Key To Bridging Productivity Gap

European workers say they want to use innovative digital technology and solutions to boost productivity, according to a study by Ricoh Europe. 65% of the 3600 employees surveyed believe that automated technology will allow them to be more productive; while 52% confirm that artificial intelligence will have a positive impact on their work. | Clarity…
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Which Tool To Choose To Store Your Data In The Cloud

Cloud Computing refers to the use of remote servers to process or store information. In particular, the Cloud allows you to save files via the Internet on a server. This questions that this article seeks to illuminate upon is: Which tool should I choose? And.. What are the benefits and risks of backing up your…
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Ten Keyboard Shortcuts Useful For Multifunction Printing

Now is the time to test your keyboard shortcut skills. Whether you are a PC or a Mac, Clarity Copiers Photocopiers Sheffield has created a small selection of shortcuts that you should master to improve multi-function printer and photocopier usage. 1. To lock your computer faster than lightning You're late for a meeting or -…
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Business Discovery – The Coworking Space Manager

Spaces of coworking, Fablabs, incubators, living labs ... are beyond a fashion in the professional world. Even large companies have adopted "corpoworking". And with these new practices, new trades appear. In this article, we will be looking at a new profession that of a "Coworking Space Manager". | Clarity Copiers - Photocopier Leasing Sheffield  …
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