24 / 7 Reporting

Photocopier Repairs Sheffield

Clarity Copiers offers a 24/7 reporting system allowing clients and our MFP products to send us information. As a result, this allows our Photocopier Repairs Sheffield service team to prioritise service calls, re-ordering of toner and parts, submitting meter readings and other service related issues.

Having this system allows Clarity to provide Premium Customer Care and accurate up to date statistics of their accounts; thus enabling us to be more productive by improving service responses.

We use a Service Alert Management (SAM) system that allows us to integrate MFP products to our management system providing up to date diagnostics facilitating immediate resolutions.

Clarity is continually reviewing core technologies with our partners to promote environmentally friendly products, from production to disposal.

Our Green Policy focus on solutions that reduce power consumption with multifunctional products. Therefore, Clarity can help customers reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, as well as electricity bills.

Photocopier Repairs Sheffield